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The Most Popular Massages of Our Time and How They Differ

Stress and fatigue have become synonymous to normalcy in these modern times. No human can ever be exempt from experiencing such ordeals. Fortunately, modernity itself has allowed us to explore various means to combat fatigue and stress; numerous recreation and relaxation activities are available within our reach. Whether it is hitting the theatres to see

How Remedial Massage Helps Runners with Achilles Tendonitis

One of the most common injuries of the foot incurred by runners and even by frequent joggers is Achilles tendonitis. This condition is characterised by a heavy soreness on the tendon connecting your calf and heel, with the propensity to hinder your ability to use your foot when running, playing sports, and even for the

A Therapy Against Back Pain – Remedial Massage

Back pain is the most common condition remedial massage is utilised for treatment and relief. In fact, even simple home massages are mostly applied on the person’s back – and this is true whether there is pain being felt on the back or the person just wants to de-stress by feeling the caring hands of

Remedial Massage Therapy for Sports People

Strenuous physical activity can strain the various parts of your body. It goes without saying that those body parts which do most of the movements receive most of the strain. Albeit enjoying and gratifying, what physical activity is more commonly known to be tiring and straining than SPORTS. People can benefit a lot from playing

Remedial Massage Fortifies Marathon Runners

It is a known fact that athletes take advantage of the benefits of remedial massage to help them perform their best. Take note that, when we say remedial massage, this is not the common home massage or the one done in spas and relax parlors. Remedial massage is a medical modality on its own and

Regular Sessions of Remedial Massage Have Tremendous Benefits

In a previous article, we touched on the subject on how remedial massage is distinct from the common massage therapies in spas and fitness clinics. While ordinary massage is seen as a method or technique for relaxation, remedial massage therapy is a medical art and modality on its own in which a methodological evaluation is

How Remedial Massage is Different from Other Therapies

More or less, you have probably undergone some kind of massage in your life – it might be a simple home massage, the one applied by a reflexologist, or the type of massage that is performed by licensed practitioners. You cannot deny that massage applied on your body, if done smoothly, does indeed feel good
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