Keywords – Free Online Tools Used by Experts

Keywords – Free Online Tools Used by Experts

We at MedicalWebsite always recommend our clients to use the keywords they want to target as topics for their web content. The mere mention of the keyword[s] is not enough, you have discuss it like you are answering a query from a client or patient. Stuffing them in a single web page is not going to work either; Google’s algorithms abhor deliberate stuffing and repetition of keywords.

If you have been keeping a steady read on all our “Tips for Clients” newsletters, such advice is not new to you. However, you maybe are asking how to research for keywords or topics that are relevant to your medical niche. Where can you find some ideas of what queries your potential clients are typing online to search for medical care, which your clinic can provide?


In this edition of our newsletter, we provide you with a list of of keyword research tools that you can use without paying a single cent. Here they are…

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free online tool that allows you to see trending topics which are highly searched on the Internet. You just type in your main targeted keyword and it will show you the topics and queries that are being asked by users and are trending in social media and other websites.

It also allows you to see how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world. Google Trends is a good tool for a general view of how users on the Internet are behaving given a particular search keyword, query, or topic.

Google Adwords

Because Google Trends is more focused on providing data of what topics and queries are trending or popular on the Internet, it may not be able to break down what users are typing in their search engines at a given location or locality – especially if there is not much of a “trending” news or topic in that area.

Sometimes, you may want to break it down further so you can see what users are really typing to search for something that is related to your medical practice and within the vicinity of your clinic.

Side by side with Google Trends, you can use Google Adword’s keyword planning tool. For those of you who are familiar with Google Adwords as a paid advertisement platform, please do not raise your eyebrows. As mentioned, this list is about free online tools – you should not spend a single cent.

Albeit Google Adwords is known as a paid advertising service run by Google, its keyword planning and research tool can be used for free. Besides, signing-up for Google Adwords is in itself for free. As long as you have a Gmail account (which is also for free), you can register for Adwords and use its tools anytime you want.

Similar to Google Trends, you type in your main target keyword to get ideas of relevant queries users are searching for. To make the results more specific, you can enter the URL of your website and select your service or niche from the options. You can also choose to break it down further by selecting the country and local vicinity.


An alternative keyword tool to Google Trends and Adwords is SEMrush. Veteran bloggers use SEMrush to find out what content their audience wants so they can satisfy the curiosity and interest of their readers.

Once you type in your main target keyword, select the country of reference, and hit enter, it will display to you the following information that can help you with your SEO and content strategy:

  • Phrase match keywords
  • Related keywords
  • Organic search results – the websites that are ranking well with the keyword you typed.


Moz is a popular SEO tool used by online marketing professionals. It offers products and services for businesses in paid packages. The thing is, it also has a free tool for those who are doing keyword research – the MOZ Keyword Explorer.

The Keyword Explorer has functions and features similar to SEMrush. You type in the keyword you target, select the country of your market, and hit enter. It will show you information such as:

  • Keyword suggestions
  • SERP (search engine results page) analysis
  • Mentions – web pages that effectively mention (or discuss) the keyword.


There is an effective keyword tool that you may have been using most of the time but have been ignoring its obvious features. What is it? It is the Google search engine itself.

When you enter your query in the search field, Google will not only display to you the web pages that answer your query, it will also show you the relevant keyword phrases related to the search-term you typed. Where can you see them exactly? Scroll down page 1 of the search results and you will see them there.


The easiest and user-friendliest keyword tool has been staring at you all along, and it is yours to use for free.

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