Professional support

Professional support

Professional support is the basis of our Medical Websites. You’ll find plenty of businesses and individuals offering cheap websites, some making wild claims about achieving top Google page ranking. At Medical Websites we’re focused on delivering websites for medical practices and that conform to industry advertising guidelines. As with every other component of your business, your involvement is paramount in it’s success. So we also provide the tools to make it easier for you to contribute to your web presence.

FREE Customer Service & Support Even though Medical Websites use the industry standard WordPress technology, you may need help from time to time. That’s why we offer free technical support during our normal business hours. Our friendly representatives can provide both technical support and free one-on-one training if you ever need a little assistance. Your dedicated support team is just a phone call away!

While the majority of our support is done through our Support Desk, if the situation requires chat support, screen sharing, or getting on the phone / Skype, we will not hesitate to do so. We are also very proactive in our service and security monitoring. We monitor sites for uptime and take action to restore service as soon as possible in the case of an outage.

Secure Backups We backup all servers on a nightly basis and retain backup data for up to seven days. In addition to nightly backups, we make copies of all plugins and theme files on your local server so we can easily restore them for you. We retain all local files for 7 days.

All server backups are stored offsite in a secure co-location facility for optimum reliability.

Your Medical Website is kept safe and updated with automatic core updates, plugin updates, backups, speed optimization and a suite of custom tools to make your website experience better. Focus on your business and marketing, we’ll handle the web hosting service.

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