Rapid Development

Rapid Development

At Medical Websites, we’ve literally changed the industry in Australia with locally developed websites for medical and allied health practices. Our customised framework based solutions allow for quick development of your professional website. Add to that frequent free upgrades and free support and it’s easy to see why we’re the ultimate Medical Website provider.

Fully customised and pre-designed options! Whether you’re looking for a custom website design that captures your unique brand and image, or you’d like to save money by choosing a pre-designed website with a high-quality look, Medical Websites has you covered. Whether pre-designed or custom, our website designs will compliment your professional image, and your website will include the many high-end features of customised industry standard WordPress framework, at no additional charge.

Mobile friendly designs. All of Medical Websites rapid development designs are automatically configured to detect mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Almost as though by magic the sites will transform themselves to display properly on small devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android phones or tablets.

Industry standard components. Did you know that many technologies don’t work well on different types of computers or devices? As a general rule our websites avoid the use of technologies such as Flash that don’t “play” well on many devices, including many mobile devices.

Pre-formatted pages! Included with every website is access to a variety of pre-designed pages that can be added to your website. Each page has been carefully designed to maximize content and visitor experience. We’ve even provided patient-focused content that your visitors will appreciate. We’re careful to limit duplication so that your website won’t be punished by Google and the other search engines that like content to be unique. Our content library gives your site a good start, onto which you can build.

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