Smart small businesses are choosing to use a template based website, rather than employ a graphic designer.


The benefits are clear: cost, quality and functionality. Website templates bridge the gap between the amateur website owner learning to create his/her own website – with all the associated pitfalls – and a custom website design by a qualified professional.

What is a website template?

A web template is a ready-made design for your website, complete with images, sample navigation layout, sample pages and possibly even some Flash animation. It is an empty website, just waiting for you to add your content.

What about building your own, or hiring a designer?

Why not just make your own website? If you have FrontPage, you could even use one of Microsoft’s built-in templates. Well, the answer is easy – professional image. You will look like a rank amateur with a five-minute design that any computer literate kid could have put together. Really, there is no way to sugar-coat this – if you do not have design experience, don’t bang up a website and expect it to be a professional portrayal of your practice!

A professional design at a reasonable cost…

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