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Physios Too are Needed in the Emergency Department

Every hospital personnel and medical staff is busy to the core. The level of activity of each department fluctuates depending on the number of patients and admittances coming in. This applies so well particularly with the emergency department. Of course, we do not want to see people going to the Emergency Room everyday due to

Is Emma Out to Replace Physiotherapists?

Before you think of something else, let’s get to know first who Emma is; or in this case, what it is. EMMA is the acronym for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation. Thus, Emma is a robot designed and developed to perform physical therapy for athletes and acupoint therapy* which is a method of massage in Chinese

Physiotherapists Can Help Patients with HIV

Unlike in the previous decades, a lot of people with HIV are now living their lives normally and not as outcasts. Albeit there are still improvements that can be implemented about AIDS awareness among the populace, there is a positive change on how those afflicted with the virus are viewed and treated. We even have

Bigger Role for Physiotherapists All over The World

Massage salons and reflexology experts abound and are easy to reach these days. More demand for their expertise continues to rise due to the accelerating amount of stress, body pains (and injuries) being experienced by many people of today. Yet, the sprouting of massage centres, and injury and pain management professionals (whether legit or self-proclaimed)

Cerebral Palsy Patients and Physiotherapists

It is a joy to both the mother and father to see their new born baby. How parents love to watch their giggly offspring growing, rolling, crawling, and attempting its first walk. Yet, to some parents, this wonderful experience is not the normal situation. CP or Cerebral Palsy is an injury to the brain that

You Should See a Physiotherapist at Least Once a Year

In previous eras, whenever an adult would complain about an aching knee or pain on any other joint, people would readily dismiss it as a product of old age – something of which cause cannot be promptly determined. Sometimes, family members and friends would tell the person concerned that it might be because of “plain”

The Big Question: How to Differentiate Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic

Admittedly, due to the fact that physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy all involve manual techniques to rehabilitate or enhance the musculoskeletal structure of the body, these 3 branches of medical practice are often times confused to be the same or labeled interchangeably by the common layman. Sometimes, the practitioners of each modality have overlapping expertise and

Physiotherapy Helps in Breast Cancer Recovery after Mastectomy

One of the fatal diseases that torment women of today is breast cancer. In fact, there are 15,749 projected new cases of those who are diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 for Australia alone.[1] The startling thing is, 0.92% of this statistic are men. Yes, males can get breast cancer. For women who have been
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