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Common Bad Habits that Undermine Your Foot Health

If you want the best advice about foot health, go to a podiatrist and he or she will surely counsel you to care for your feet just as you would with any organ or body part all the way up. Sadly, there are just plenty of grounds people may reason out why so many of

What Podiatrists Think and Say about Crocs

For those who have been wearing crocs as their usual footwear, they would probably attest how comfortable they are on their feet. However, we cannot deny that some of them are using this type of footwear more so because it is trendy. Crocs has been a fad among footwear junkies since it propped up in

Foot Injuries Common to Ballet Dancers

Dancing is a good hobby. When we say good, we mean healthy, enjoyable, and socially gratifying. Whether you dance as a hobby, as a profession, or you occasionally imitate the moves while watching a dancing show on TV or YouTube, your physique gets the much needed exercise as it allows your heart to pump more

Overpronation on Your Foot Can Affect Other Parts of Your Body

Whether you chanced upon this article through a shared post in social media or have landed on this page because of a query you typed in Google, chances are you are curious to what is the meaning of overpronation and how does it concern your feet. So without further ado, let MedicalWebsite explain to you

How to Know if Your Heel Pain is Already Plantar Fasciitis

Because it is the part of your body that is located at the very base of your lower limb, the heel gets all the pressure whenever you stand up, walk, run, dance, and jump. These activities may be seen as too mundane because you do them almost every moment of your daily life, but imagine

You May Have ‘Flat Feet’ Already

If you are a child, like a toddler or a baby, then you do not have to worry about whether your feet are flat or not. It is normal for kids in those ages to have flat feet due to the fact that their bones (and that includes the ones on the feet) are still

Conditions That May Require You To See A Podiatric Surgeon

Before anything else, it would be proper if we differentiate how the role of the podiatric surgeon differs from that of an ordinary podiatrist. Podiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of ailments concerning the feet, ankles, and anything that is part of the lower extremities. A podiatrist, then,
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