Strenuous physical activity can strain the various parts of your body. It goes without saying that those body parts which do most of the movements receive most of the strain. Albeit enjoying and gratifying, what physical activity is more commonly known to be tiring and straining than SPORTS. People can benefit a lot from playing sports – it provides a source of good physical exercise, builds friendships through healthy competition, allows you to be physically fit, and gives you a sense of gratification and achievement.

Yet, you have to admit – sports do have a straining effect on your body. If you are an athlete yourself, whether a professional or a hobbyist, you certainly can relate with this fact.

Fortunately, we have a modality that is readily available for us to counter the physical stress and fatigue sports activities entail. We have in our day and age the option to seek the soothing benefits of remedial massage therapy.

Here is the thing, remedial massage therapy does not only provide relaxation; it is not what you normally think you get from ordinary home or spa massage. Because remedial massage therapy is an (alternative) medical modality on its own, athletes need not be content with just relaxing their muscles; the benefits they can receive from it are more profound than the usual spa or home massage.


When the athlete is in pain…

Muscle pain is no stranger to an athlete. If you are starting to be one by engaging in a sport new to you, then be ready to experience it once in a while. Muscle pain may have been caused by an injury or the muscle may have become stiff due to the strain brought about by reaching its peak (or beyond peak) performance. Remedial massage can curb out the soreness and it can also aid the body with its ability to heal itself from injury.

When the athlete requires more oxygen and nutrients…

The tissues and cells of the athlete are forced to work to its maximum performance. Thus, they need sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients in order to perform to the max. Remedial massage can help improve blood circulation around the body. With blood flowing with greater ease through the veins, the oxygen from the air you breath and the nutrients from the food and beverages you consume are more efficiently distributed throughout your cells and tissues – allowing them to help you perform your best as an athlete.

When the athlete needs to rest…

Because their bodies work and move a lot, athletes need to recharge their stamina by getting quality sleep. If applied regularly, remedial massage can do wonders to your sleeping patterns. A restful sleep is of the essence if you want your brain and body to perform at their best. If you are doing arduous activities such as sports, then you certainly would not want to deprive yourself of quality sleep.

When the athlete flexes more muscle fibres…

Muscle flexibility is a needed trait among sports men and women. And why not? Extensive muscle movements may not be doable if an athlete’s muscle fibres are not sufficiently flexible. Remedial massage therapy, through its manual manipulation approach, allows the fibres of the muscles to be stretched – thereby boosting their capacity to be flexible so they can endure extensive movements.

When the athlete wants to avoid injury…

Given their exposure to continuous, repetitive, and forceful motions, athletes indeed are susceptible to various kinds of body injuries – especially if their muscle fibres do not flex properly. Remedial massage’s manual manipulation technique can make the athletes muscles a lot more flexible by stretching the fibres, enabling them to tolerate continuous and forceful motions. Injuries are less likely to be incurred from forceful motions if the muscles have a high level of flexibility.

When the athlete needs to detox…

Previously, we mentioned about how remedial massage therapy helps the athlete’s body to have better blood circulation, allowing its cells and tissues to get maximum distribution of oxygen and nutrients. Blood, not only distributes the needed ingredients for the tissues and cells to function well, it also drains them of toxins and waste materials that can hinder the athletes from performing their best. Better blood circulation means an improvement in the body’s natural detoxification processes.

When the athlete’s body seeks relaxation…

An active lifestyle, such as that of the athlete, sometimes (if not most of the time) pushes the person to be hyperactive. It is somehow making him/her find it difficult to relax even if his/her body is already raising the flag for such need. Remedial massage, because of its pain relieving effect and soothing sensation on the body, is an unmistakable way to remove yourself from the stresses your body and mind endured during all the trainings and rigorous exercises required of you as an athlete.


Whether you are involved in sports or not, if you are doing physical exercises or your work involves continuous, repetitive, and forceful body movements, then you are a candidate for injury, restlessness, and body pains. You need not worry, there is remedial massage therapy to provide treatment and relief, and to get you going with all the activities of your daily living.



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Image © Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

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