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Common Bad Habits that Undermine Your Foot Health

If you want the best advice about foot health, go to a podiatrist and he or she will surely counsel you to care for your feet just as you would with any organ or body part all the way up. Sadly, there are just plenty of grounds people may reason out why so many of

Physios Too are Needed in the Emergency Department

Every hospital personnel and medical staff is busy to the core. The level of activity of each department fluctuates depending on the number of patients and admittances coming in. This applies so well particularly with the emergency department. Of course, we do not want to see people going to the Emergency Room everyday due to

When Can Chiropractic Help and When It Cannot

People who have benefited from chiropractic treatment can attest to how helpful it is in their recovery from health problems and in their pursuit for optimal health and body wellness. However, the advocacy dives into the sphere of myth when chiropractic is promoted as a “one shot – cure all” kind of medical treatment. Chiropractic

The Most Popular Massages of Our Time and How They Differ

Stress and fatigue have become synonymous to normalcy in these modern times. No human can ever be exempt from experiencing such ordeals. Fortunately, modernity itself has allowed us to explore various means to combat fatigue and stress; numerous recreation and relaxation activities are available within our reach. Whether it is hitting the theatres to see

Naturopaths Against Kidney Disease

All over the world, kidney disease has become a major health problem among adults and children alike. The proliferation of processed foods and instant meals has cost us the deterioration of humanity’s natural taste for organically healthier foods. Chronic kidney disease is a growing public concern as it causes a variety of other illnesses which

What to Do if You’re a New Osteopath

Are you a newly certified osteopath? Well, congratulations! You are now ready to practice your craft and fulfil your mission of helping people get relief from body pains and achieve optimum wellness. So what to do now? You may have plotted it all in your head when you decided to become an osteopath and took

Aussie Dentists Warn Hockey Players of Mouthguard Failure

Last August of 2015, a young Australian woman by the name of Christina Johnson suffered grave injuries when she was playing a favourite sport of hers. She was hit by a hockey stick on her face resulting to most of her teeth being displaced while her lips and gums incurred multiple lacerations – all these

What Podiatrists Think and Say about Crocs

For those who have been wearing crocs as their usual footwear, they would probably attest how comfortable they are on their feet. However, we cannot deny that some of them are using this type of footwear more so because it is trendy. Crocs has been a fad among footwear junkies since it propped up in

Is Emma Out to Replace Physiotherapists?

Before you think of something else, let’s get to know first who Emma is; or in this case, what it is. EMMA is the acronym for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation. Thus, Emma is a robot designed and developed to perform physical therapy for athletes and acupoint therapy* which is a method of massage in Chinese

Criteria for Choosing a Chiropractor

Over the decades, many people have claimed they have been helped by chiropractic care. Both medical research and the testimonies of the patients themselves attest to the benefits of chiropractic treatments. Yet sadly, there have been some controversies lately regarding a few people who claim to be specialists of this medical modality. It comes as
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