Cancer is one of the most dreaded illnesses that wreak havoc among individuals and their families alike. Sometimes called the “Big C”, the saddest part about this disease is that, aside from causing pain and deterioration of health, it affects the family emotionally and it depletes your finances to the point of being broke. If one member of the family gets diagnosed as having cancer, everyone is devastated.

Some people say that the Big C is a rich man’s disease, as only rich people can afford the treatments and medications. We are all aware how the mainstream management and treatment of cancer patients demand a costly price. They are very expensive! By the time you reach the end of it all (if the stage is terminal), you would have died a poor man/woman leaving your family with heavy hearts.

Cancer Patient

In the olden days, cancer is an illness reserved only for senior citizens. You run the risk of having cancerous cells only if you reach the age of 70. Sadly though, our modern lifestyles and food consumption are making it widespread down to the younger age brackets. You can hear news of people getting cancer at any age. The agent of the mutation has acquired the attitude of picking random victims. We may say that cancer has become an epidemic of modernity.

With the high expense for cancer treatment and care, some sectors of the society accuse mainstream medicine of transforming the epidemic into “big business.” G. Edward Griffin, the popular filmmaker, lecturer, and author of the book entitled “World Without Cancer” said and we quote…

…today, there are more people making a living from cancer, than are dying from it.

Griffin believes that natural yet effective ways to treat cancer are diminished as quackery by the mainstream medical communities and pharmaceutical corporations. The reason, he sees, that they do so is because they want to maintain the status quo of having “scientific” treatments and medicine pricey, thereby creating a lucrative industry out of it.

The sad fact in Edward Griffin’s belief is that, as the seemingly endless cycle of finding the definite cure for cancer continues, the treatments and medications are speedily emptying the pockets of patients, and then you will realise his theories do hold some truth in them.

There are good-hearted doctors who believe that the so called “alternative” treatments to cancer are indeed effective. Yet, their hands are tied from being vocal about it for fear of the scientific community labeling them as “advocates of anecdotal evidences” and not of methodological research. This scenario leaves the patients and their families with spending their money on expensive yet physically painful chemotherapy and radiation.

How 3 Doctors Found Nature’s Treatment to Cancer

Naturopathic doctors are medical practitioners who have the expertise of using the wisdom of nature combined with the knowledge and methods of modern science to facilitate the body’s integral ability of restoring itself to its normal and even optimal condition. They assess the patient’s condition by identifying and eventually removing the obstructions to good health by aiding the process of creating an internal and external healing environment. Because the treatment is high on natural and traditional yet proven and effective principles and practices, the focus of the treatment is highly holistic and the risk of harm is zero if not minimal.

The science of this medical practice is called Naturopathy. It is practiced in private clinics, hospitals, and public health centers. Naturapathic physicians have years of rigorous learning and training before they receive their license to practice.

Naturopathy has provided humanity with natural and effective ways to treat and care for cancer patients thanks to Doctors Max Gerson, Johanna Budwig, and biochemist Ernst T. Krebs Jr.

1. The Gerson Therapy

Dr. Max Gerson M.D. (1881-1959)Max Gerson was a German-born physician who settled in America. He authored a book entitled “A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases.” His statement on natural healing spoken over 60 years ago still rings true to our ears today…

We cannot detoxify our bodies when we add poisons through our food, which is one of the reasons why cancer is so much on the increase. Saving time in the kitchen is fine but the consequences are terrible. Thirty or fifty years ago cancer was a disease of old age. Only elderly people whose liver was no longer working well – was worn out-became sick. They contracted cancer when they were 60 to 70 years old and cancer was a rare disease. Everybody knows that. And now four, even going on one out of three dies of cancer. Now in the second generation it is even worse.

How did Dr. Gerson find the natural treatment to cancer? It was through an accident which occurred when he was doing an experimental remedy for migraines. The experiment eventually led him to discover that his dietary protocol, which was the product of his findings, could also relieve tuberculosis. One thing led to another until he concluded that detoxification was a necessary treatment if a patient wanted to get rid of cancerous cells.

2. The Budwig Protocol

Radiation and chemotherapy, the treatments recommended by mainstream doctors, are painful and their effects show deterioration of the patients physical attributes. Alternative medicine is seen to be most successful in its application if the patient has not been ravaged by chemicals and radiation.

Here is the thing, Dr. Johanna Budwig’s patients were mostly sent by mainstream doctors who had given up upon seeing that the repeated chemotherapy and radiation treatments had failed. The patients were already terminal. What is surprising is that 95% percent of them have recovered through Dr. Budwig’s natural treatment – this number is far greater than what we can see with conventional medicine. Her treatment involves the acceptance of the human body’s need for Omega 3 fatty acids coupled with a healthy balanced diet.

3. The B17 Vitamin, Nitriloside

Diet is the key. If we are talking about cancer, then it is the trigger point in which all types of cancer shoots up. This is what Ernst T. Krebs Jr. believes so. Ernst Krebs is a biochemist and a known proponent of alternative treatments for cancer. He also co-patented a cancer treatment and preventive medicine.

Krebs observes how ethnic and indigenous tribes such as the Hopi Indians, Hunzas, and Eskimos do not contract cancer. He finds out that their diet consumption includes high amounts of Nitriloside which is Vitamin B17. They never get cancer, except those who go out of their communities into the outside world where modern diet abounds.


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