Pain in the back is terribly annoying. For pregnant women, however, pain particularly at the lower back portion of their bodies becomes a regular occurrence, if not a lingering one. That is why motherhood and pregnancy are truly selfless ways to practice sacrifice and endurance. The OB-GYN* doctor will know how to minimise the ordeal of painfulness.

What a joyful experience it is for mothers when they finally see their newborn babies! It is a well-compensated experience. The thing is, a lot of moms may still have to endure what medical doctors labelled as postpartum syndrome, sometimes called “baby blues.” Postpartum syndrome is a condition after child birth wherein the mother experiences mood swings due to excess hormonal fluctuations that have been caused by labor and birthing. These mood swings may involve depression and post-traumatic stress due to the excruciating labor pains.

One factor that may aggravate the situation of postpartum is that, the back pain which the mother experienced during the pregnancy, continues to linger right after child birth. This is not something that contributes to the joy and pleasure of seeing your newborn child. OB-GYN doctors normally refrain from giving medications for pain relievers because the chemicals from the medicines might affect breastfeeding.

Postpartum Depression

In a finding from an Australian study, it is concluded that most women will experience high levels of exhaustion, urinary incontinence, sexual problems, and back pain six to seven months after giving birth. [1]

Fortunately, however, post-natal back pains have a solution that does not require medicine intake. Enter osteopathy! Osteopathy is a drug-free branch of medical practice which focuses on the totality of the body’s health by treating and caring for the musculoskeletal framework of your physical structure. It uses non-invasive manual techniques to move, stretch, and massage the patient’s joints and muscles. Osteopathy makes sure your bones, muscles, ligaments, and all the tissues connecting them together are smoothly functioning without disruption.

New Mothers Can Benefit from Osteopathic Therapy

Post-Natal OsteopathyAccording to a study conducted by German researchers, the back pain experienced by new mothers is significantly decreased among 70% of women who underwent osteopathic manipulative therapy. They had given birth to their babies at least 3 months before being treated with osteopathic manipulative therapy. [2]

The study took about 8 weeks and surveyed 80 new mothers who were enduring back pain of 3 to 15 months after child birth. The researchers divided the women into 2 groups. The controlled group was not to receive any kind of treatment, including medications. The group in study would undergo osteophathy care, and the actual treatment would occur in intervals of 2 weeks.

The results showed that an average of 73% of the patients, who were cared for by osteopaths, had their back pains decreased. The ones in the controlled group got 7% only. The measurements used for pain and functional disability were a 10-point Visual Analogue Scale and Oswestry Disability Index, respectively.

On a Final Note…

Lower back pain is a serious condition that most women endure after giving birth. Given the circumstances of taking care of the baby and experiencing (possible) postpartum disorders, back pain is not something you can easily ignore. It reduces the capability of new mothers to enjoy the presence of their new born babies and to perform their function as a mother to the child. Pain killing medications are avoided because of their chemical effects on breastfeeding.

It is here where osteopathy practitioners can provide their care and assistance in a natural and non-invasive type of therapy. No new mom ever deserves the ordeal of post-natal back pain.

* OB-GYN is the abbreviation for Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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